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27 August to 23 September -- Live through a whole century in 28 Days!


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Golden Age of Apple Guild

Appleville has been saved!

Notey's Newsboard

Ttonight's the night!! A. G. joins Mr. Starr Live in Conversation on the topic of 1969-1971, The Golden Era of Rock & Roll. Join us at 10PM Big Apple Time for the final event of the Golden Age Calendar.

Guilders, it's time! The Q&A. G. on the topic of Extreme Vocals is about to begin! Questions were pre-submitted already, but feel free to chat about the event in #q-and-a-g-cook.

Guilders! Apple is out now and we’re celebrating with a Listening Party today at 2PM Big Apple (in 2 hours!) Head on over to #listening-party to chat with A. G. as we listen to the album on Twitch

Guess what Guildlings?? The Apple Guild Golden Age Calendar is now up!! More details about each event will be announced each day, but we begin tonight at 5PM Big Apple Time with a Guild Chat Q&A right here with A. G. himself on the topics of "Beautiful", "Superstar", or "Beautiful Superstar". And tomorrow morning we'll post the sign up sheet for Sgt. Pang's Lonely Hearts Guild matchmaking event, happening at 5PM Big Apple tomorrow night.

Golden Age Calendar

Guildlings!! A new age of Apple Guild has begun! Let us harvest the fruits of our labor and reap all that is sown. It is a Golden Age of Harmony and Dissonance and all that is Beautiful living together in harmony, and I couldn't be more excited. Lots and lots to share soon, but remember, there is work to do yet -- the Core still has great wisdom to share with us, and with the Guild Hall Gates closing for another eternity so soon, let us rejoice in all they can share with us while we have this Golden Opportunity. good luck out there Superstars!

Guildlings! Help!! Dark forces have taken hold of our sweet Guild. All I can hear is harsh discordant sounds everywhere as far as the eye can sing. The Core has been imprisoned and evil creatures -- The Dissonators -- roam free!! With such awful noise Appleville will never be able to happen! Dear Guildlings, we have to work together to save Appleville and our precious Guild. Perhaps us harmony-lovers should never have set up shop in a "discord"...

The day has come!!! The Battle of the Bands begins tonight. Mr. Starr has done a fantastic job getting all our rockers organized, and they've made some incredible works of art for you all to hear. Are we excited, Guildlings??

At 6PM Big Apple Time, come on in and vote in #bandstand-vote!

battle of the bands poster

Hey Guilders, Notey here, with some huuuuuge news: Mr. Starr has joined our Guild to help us hold the very first Apple Guild Battle of the Bands on September 2nd at 6PM Big Apple Time, 11PM Abbey Road!! Please give a rock 'n' roll welcome to Mr. Starr, and head on over to his Band Classroom to sign up for the Battle.

Greetings Guildlings!! Time for another important Note-ice :) We've all been waiting for this day for a looooong time--some longer than others--but guess what?? The wait is finally over! Today, for yet another fun-filled century of Guildwork, we open the Grand Guild Hall Gates once more! I know, I can barely contain my excitement either.

To enter the Guild, just follow this path to the Grand Guild Hall Gates. See you inside!

(P. S.—don't forget to refamiliarize yourself with the Guild Rules once you're in.)

Heya folks, Notey here! I know we've all been waiting aaaages for the Guild Doors to open once more....but I've got great news! The Grand Opening lies just around the corner. Stay up to date with all things Apple Guild at our brand new "RSS Feed" available here!!

Seeya soon, Guilders!

Guild Member Directory

Genius Bard of The Core

♪♫ Come one, come all, I am thy Bard

I speak in verse, I try too hard

As measures pass, I share my secret

Promise you'll keep it, the answer, you'll seek it ♫♪

Grand Stemswarden of The Core

I keep the Guild's Gardens, tending to each leaf & stem with care. My arduous labor leaves no time for nonsense, but if great knowledge is brought to my chambers, I may yet have patience--and perchance reward--for A Guildsperson's troubles.

Champion Ordermaster of The Core

Greetings, dear Guild member. My many years of service to the Kings of Music Industry have taught me wisdom and secrets known to nary a man--I form harmony from dissonance and from noise I transpose meaning. My ear is ever-trained to the pulse of the underground.


Everyone in the Guild knows me! I'm Notey! Need the latest on the ol' "Goings on About Guild"? Look no further than your trusty friend to notify all Guild members of the latest updates, happenings, and Guild gossip!

Apple Guard

Howdy Guildspeople! We're here to keep a watchful eye on this here establishment. No tomfoolery will be tolerated on our watch, so best keep your wits about ya, pardner. We're all in this together.

Mr. Starr

There used to be a way to stick it to The Man. It was called rock 'n' roll. Now all we got is "Electronic Dump Music." Let's get some real instruments up in this pitch!





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